You can
save child’s life
just by buying NFT

This is a digital gallery with the works of Ukrainian photographers and artists in NFT format.
The concept of nevernevergallery is to represent something that must not have ever happened but still happened.
That’s why we make maximum efforts this will not ever happen again.
To gather $ 200 000 to heal children in Ukrainian hospitals.
3 — for newborns
helping ill refugee children to get treatment in Ukrainian hospitals: purchase of medical equipment, remedies and consumable materials.
2 — for refugees
helping cure ill and wounded kids in children’s hospitals throughout the area of active hostilities: purchase of medical equipment, remedies, and consumable materials.
1 — under fire bombardment
directions of spending money
project’s purpose
that became victims of the Russo-Ukrainian War.
about the project
We – creative agency MOON in collaboration with a charity platform – have developed the project to help treating Ukrainian children
helping newborn children: purchase of medical equipment for lying-in hospitals, remedies, consumables and infant food.
how do the
hospitals look
how do the hospitals look nowadays

6 of medical staff are killed and 20 heavily injured.
Fire bombardment, automatic gunshots and mines have already damaged 70 ambulances.
In Ukraine since the beginning of war, the Russian army has destructed 324 hospitals, including 14 those for children.
In Ukraine since the beginning of war, the Russian army has destructed 324 hospitals, including 14 those for children.
Fire bombardment, automatic gunshots and mines have already damaged 70 ambulances.
6 of medical staff are killed and 20 heavily injured.
Are arming doctors with modern medical equipment.
Are providing hospitals with consumables and medicines of high quality.

Are helping ill and wounded children to recover.
just by
buying NFT, you:
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The biggest platform in the world where you can buy art in NFT format.
actual works in nevernevergallery
what have already
been done due to
charity platform’s

Iryna Hutsal – the director of the
charity platform
Such innovative projects gather together the leaders from around the world. By providing Ukrainian children with an access to modern and efficient medicine, we are able to reduce children's suffering and the risk of death.
Iryna Hutsal – the director of the charity platform
how we work
Working for more than 10 years in the domain of production and advertising, we have become well educated in various fields of art. Therefore, we are collaborating with creative photographers, illustrators and painters, whose arts are to be appreciated more and more. All works in the collection are united by a common problem of war and a passionate desire to fight for our freedom. Each artist shows his vision of the tragedy and his own view on the heroic feat of the Ukrainian people.
how do we choose the images?
how much money do we send?
The charity platform will receive 70% of all sales. 10% we use to withdraw funds from cryptocurrency. 10% costs the copyright of the image. 10% receives the agency as a budget for advertising.
How to add your own artwork into our gallery?

All you need is to write to our producer Dina at with letter’s subject «My work for nevernever gallery», add a link or the work itself in file, and then show your gallery with the description of your art.

project’s team
Dmytro Andrieiev
Co-Founder & Producer
dan hartme
Dina Protsenko
Co-Founder & Art Producer
Oleksii Veduta
Co-Founder & Creative director
Halyna Pomyluiko Copywriter
What is
This is the first and largest charity platform in Ukraine, a safe and efficient tool for raising charity funds to help people in times of war. The platform functions due to International Charity Foundation «Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace» – a fund that for 10 years has raised over 451,000,000 hryvnias for charity, has supported almost 6,500 projects and won all Ukrainian national awards in the charity field. is a world in which everyone does some good.
How do we realize the project’s charity purpose? works only with verified charity foundations and initiatives (already more than 150), and that’s why supports projects from all over Ukraine. They have already helped more than 60 hospitals throughout Ukraine.

1. Charity funds are collected into the Treasury to help children's hospitals, which is the banking account of the charity platform

2. receives and processes requests from its partners – Charity foundations – with lists of necessary assistance for a particular hospital (medical equipment, medicines, remedies, consumables, etc.). Then creates a specific project for each of them.

3. The required amount of money is sent from the Treasury to the project for helping hospitals. Then with the involvement of the partner’s fund begins the project. At any stage of its realization, it is possible to engage

4. After the project’s implementation, a full financial, descriptive, and photo report is provided. For all philanthropists, it is publically available on 24/7 projects.


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